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Welcome to "Hands On," the radio show dedicated to shedding light on the deaf community. Join us as we embark on a journey of exploration, understanding, and celebration of the vibrant deaf culture. Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking interviews, we aim to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, and highlight the experiences and achievements of the deaf community.

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We believe that every voice deserves to be heard. We are committed to creating a platform where the stories, perspectives, and talents of deaf individuals take center stage. Through our show, we seek to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster a deeper understanding of the deaf community.

Join our host, Chy as she leads captivating conversations with deaf individuals, community leaders, artists, and activists. Together, we will delve into a wide range of topics, including deaf culture, sign language, accessibility, education, employment, and more. Our guests will share their personal journeys, triumphs, challenges, and insights, providing a window into the rich tapestry of the deaf community.

Hands On Radio Show invites you to be part of this transformative experience. Tune in to our show to gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and resilience within the deaf community. Together, let's promote inclusivity, amplify deaf voices, and build a society where everyone is embraced and valued.

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Join us on this journey as we strive to make the world a more inclusive place, one conversation at a time. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and strength of the deaf community on "Hands On" radio show.

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